About Us

Archer + Braun are a RIBA and RIAS chartered architecture practice based in London and Edinburgh that undertake projects across the UK. Founded on a mutual passion for approachable, contemporary and contextual architecture, Sarah and Stuart have worked on a variety of projects for public, private and commercial clients.

Through a shared interest in sustainable construction, Sarah and Stuart met at Waugh Thistleton Architects, a world-leading practice in this field that were recently nominated for the Stirling Prize.

Stuart Archer (BA (Hons), MArch, PGDip, ARB, RIBA) studied at Manchester, Westminster and Kingston before obtaining experience in high-end residential work and interiors in London and further afield.

Sarah Braun (BSc (Hons), MArch, PGDipArch, ARB) studied at Cardiff and Westminster and spent time working on public buildings in Switzerland.

We, as a practice, choose to be small. This ensures that clients work closely with the directors to receive the best possible service, whilst also allowing us to attain the high quality architecture that we aspire to.

What We Do 

Archer + Braun focus on creating high quality, well-crafted and timeless architecture that arises from a careful consideration of a site's opportunities - natural light, material quality, local history including current and future uses -  all through an environmentally sympathetic lens. 

Wider Impact

We are acutely aware of the significant impact the building process can have on the environment. Sustainable architecture has been defined as “architecture that seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem at large”. Our design philosophy builds on this with a focus on natural and reclaimed materials, local techniques and a pared back aesthetic achieved through careful consideration of the construction process. Through employing these principles we create a timeless architecture that enhances the every day experience.

We are also interested in the wider impact of architecture beyond the physical building, and want to open up a profession that can be seen by others as insular and inaccessible. We welcome collaborating with other industries and are based in a progressive co-working space that encourages multi-disciplinary engagement.

To this end we are working on a number of projects that have a direct impact on its community, and have worked with organisations including Tower Hamlets Council, Shuffle Festival, East End Trades Guild and London Urban Games. We support local charities related to the built environment.