How to choose the right architect – 6 questions answered by our own architects

When it comes to choosing an architect there are a few things to remember and understand. We sat down with our very own architects to understand the key questions worth asking if you’re about to undertake a project. 



Your architect will first and foremost undertake some initial studies to assess the feasibility of your project, the possible design directions, an outline of the costs and the planning implications. This gives the architect the foundations for the project and helps to direct them as the project progresses. The second most important element to focus on is the development of a concept design. This is where the architect will begin to look at the building layout and how best to achieve what you are after.


Once the initial layouts have been developed your architect can help you prepare and submit a planning application and/or listed building consent application on your behalf. You would then work together to develop the technical design for building control sign off which will also allow you to move forward to obtain costs from contractors, and for the construction itself.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right people for your build. A good architect will have a little black book of trusted contractors. They can help you review your contractors’ costs and assist in setting up the building contract. Depending on the size of your project it can also be a benefit to have an architect support the on site management of the construction project. This could include managing the contract and payment of the contractor, as well as reviewing quality of the works as construction progresses. At Archer and Braun we like to see the project through from beginning to handing over the keys at the end. Supporting the interior design, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens and joinery design means we can offer the end to end support to achieve the desired effect envisaged in the original ideas.  

2. How do you choose your consultants/contractors?

This is slightly more complicated as much of the decision making process is based on previous experience. It’s important to work with contractors that are proactive, organised and that have a high quality of workmanship. This is often a process of trial and error but a good architect will be able to make recommendations based on previous work and experience. 

For us at Archer and Braun we also like to work with people that reflect our vision and approach. Our projects are all about collaboration and we are most comfortable working with people who understand us and vice versa. As projects go on for a long time, it is important to work with people that understand and support the project vision. It also benefits you as the client as the process is more efficient when working with the same consultants. 


3. What is the design process with a new client?

Expect to have an initial meeting to work out the brief - what you think you might need in practical terms (eg. an extra bathroom, an extra bedroom) and how you like to live (for example, is cooking important? Do you need a lot of storage? Does someone work from home? Should pets be considered?). It is also important that your architect discusses your likes and dislikes in your current home. At this stage the architect should also undertake some planning research to find out if there are any planning risks, as well as discuss an initial budget and timelines.

To help understand the design preferences and taste of the client the architect may ask you to provide moodboards of spaces or buildings you like.

The next step will be for the architect to go away and produce some initial layouts and ideas based on the discussions, sometimes this includes 3D models and views. A good architect will consider the function of the space, as well as light, materials and buildability. At Archer and Braun this often includes a look at the materials from a sustainability and circular economy point of view. We will discuss materials early on to help educate clients on the opportunities for more natural or reclaimed materials.

Once we have designed these initial plans your architect will have a meeting to review the design so far. This back-and-forth dynamic should be repeated throughout the design process until you there is a design that both you and the architect are happy with. 

4. How should the architect phase your project? 

Firstly there should be a meeting to obtain a client brief and review the existing space (if applicable). A topographical survey of the plot of land or a measured building survey of any existing buildings will need to be undertaken, which the architect then uses to develop layout options and concept designs.

Secondly, depending on the type of project, the architect will develop the information in more detail. This should include choosing the external materials and some initial conversations with a structural engineer.

The third part of the process should include your architect working with you to prepare and submit the information for a planning application.

Once the application is approved your architect should develop the design in more detail for the purposes of pricing and construction, as well as sign off by Building Control. This includes choosing all internal and external materials and finishes, as well as producing detailed drawings and a specification document. This is an in-depth and time intensive process. At this stage the package of information also gets sent out to a number of different builders to ensure a competitive price. 

Your architect should then set up a building contract with the preferred builder and manage the process as the building works proceed on site. This service can include managing payment of the contractor and checking that the built work is in line with the drawings and designs to ensure quality is achieved. 

5. What can be the pitfalls of working with an architect?

Working with an architect can be a big decision and it’s important to understand what the potential pitfalls can be. The most obvious one is the price as an architectural service will incur fees.

However, a good architect will address costs early on and help you to understand what the likely price of the project will be (no matter how much of a shock this can be initially), and will ensure that the project is tailored to your specific budget from the outset.

Construction is fundamentally an expensive process and the benefit of paying for an architect is ensuring you have access to their expertise and project management, which can end up saving you money in the long run. Although going directly to a builder may initially seem cheaper and faster, the resulting quality of the project is likely to suffer and project costs can quickly spiral. 

In addition to the cost of an architect it is also important to remember that the project can take some time. Working closely with someone for a long period of time means it’s important you choose an architect you can communicate with and of course get on with! 

One of the final things to be aware of when working with an architect is their “style”. Some architects can be pushy when it comes to the look they want to achieve. It’s important to choose one who matches your style, or even better, works collaboratively with you to create the best possible design.

6. What can the clients do to make the process easier/smoother?

To make things as smooth as possible when working with an architect there are a few things you can do as the client. 

  1. Communicate regularly and openly.

  2. Limit your changes – make sure you are happy with the plans and the design before you develop it further. Whilst some things may inevitably change it’s important to understand this could have cost implications and may impact the project timeline. 

  3. Be collaborative – a client’s views are hugely important but remember that an architect brings years of professional education and expertise to help guide you.

  4. Enjoy the process. It’s best to enter into a project with an understanding that it is not a straightforward or linear process, but it should be great fun. 

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